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Lower 4-link Axle tab and Gusset kit - 3.25" axle tube

Our Price: $71.93

4 link or 3 link lower link axle mount kits: (4) lower link tabs for 3.25" axle tube and (2) axle tab gussets w/ hardware to complete one axle.


Available Products/Options

Lower 4-link tab for 3.25" Dia. Axle tub  
Our Price: $11.99
Lower 4-link tab for 3.5" Dia. Axle tub  
Our Price: $11.99
Lower 4-link Axle tab Gusset 
Our Price: $8.99
Weld It Yourself 54" Trailing Arms - Plates Only 
Our Price: $895.00
54" Trailing Arm Kit - Weld It Yourself 
Our Price: $1365.00