ORW: Your New UTV Headquarters

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ORW: Your New UTV Headquarters

Since the mid-2000s, UTVs have become the go-to machines for weekend getaways. While many manufacturers offer their own version, the common theme boils down to a scaled-down, open-air vehicle that goes fast and generates more smiles per mile. After all, what’s not to love about a vehicle that you can take just about anywhere and zoom around in?

Here at Off Road Warehouse, we want your UTV to be the maximum fun-haver you dream of. Let’s take a look at core upgrades you can do to your side-by-side and bring it up a notch.


With their smaller form factor, UTVs give up size for agility, and therefore leave you with limited storage space. Fortunately, there are several ways to solve this issue!

We offer our own storage solutions which you can find at every store. These include door bags that conveniently fit inside the vehicle and strap on tightly as you go bounding over the desert or up a mountain trail. They’re perfect for keeping tools and supplies.

Other storage solutions include roof baskets, cargo boxes and more. With these mods installed, however, your off-road performance will be affected. Which is why it’s good to start taking a look at suspension.


It’s no secret that UTVs are thrilling. They can jump, drift, and do just about anything. Consequently, keeping you and your passengers safe is a top priority. That’s why we make sure to carry all kinds of safety gear in our stores—helmets, restraints, and cages, to name a few.

In many states, wearing a helmet is mandatory when riding around in UTVs or motorcycles. We can help you find the right helmet so you not only feel secure when off-roading, but also comfortable. Alongside helmets, restraints also play a role, keeping you and your passengers strapped in should something unfortunate happen. PRP’s offerings fit the bill nicely, as do their seats.

Cages are another area to consider improving. From the factory, the standard UTV cage is a bolt-on unit made from standard steel. While it is rated to save your life, it’s not the best you can get. For added protection and peace of mind, upgrading to a chromoly, welded-on cage is the way to go. We can source these improved cages, and even install them thanks to our highly trained technicians!


Just like with their larger cousins, UTVs can always benefit from better suspension. Case in point are the A-arms and shock absorbers.

Making the jump from factory to aftermarket is a good idea if you plan on pushing your UTV to the limits. With greater shock travel potential and boxed arms, your vehicle stands a better chance of surviving the wilderness in one piece!

Boxed A-arms perform much better than stock A-arms, as they have greater durability and customizable sizes for your preferred level of suspension travel. Plus, when paired with larger shocks, these A-arms provide your UTV with greater performance for high-speed off-roading.

Your New UTV Headquarters!

We’ve covered a few ways to take your UTV to the next level, but there’s more! Lighting, communications equipment, wheels and tires—all these and more can be found at ORW, your new UTV headquarters. Come by today and ask about package deals, as well as a free suspension inspection.