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Yukon Gear 101

Yukon Gear 101 | Off Road Warehouse

Wherever you go, whether it’s the muddy bogs of Georgia or the snowy banks of Alaska, you want traction on your side. The more power you can put to the ground and aid your efforts over an obstacle, the more exploring and fun you’ll have out in the wilderness. Part and parcel of that objective are taking care of your drivetrain, and that’s where Yukon Gear comes in.

Since 2001, Yukon has been in the business of crafting top-quality drivetrain components. Racers and enthusiasts alike appreciate the brand’s robust designs that stand up to abuse and give vehicles the traction to keep going.

Yukon Gear 101 | Off Road Warehouse

Standout products from Yukon-lockers, driveshafts, ring and pinion kits, and more-all bear the hallmarks of Yukon’s driving philosophy: expertise. That’s why the company uses top-notch materials like 8620 steel and 4340 chromoly, and its patented designs focus on high durability compared to similar products on the market. It’s these premium touches that place Yukon on a level few others can compare to.

Here at Off Road Warehouse, we offer a great selection of Yukon parts to install on your vehicle. For example, Jeep customers will benefit from Yukon’s locking differentials for increased traction, while truck customers will benefit from new rings and pinions that restore lost control. From our in-store staff to the technicians in the garage, we take great care in giving your vehicle the drivetrain upgrades it needs to perform.

Let’s go over some of the standout products made by Yukon and how they’re geared at empowering drivers. First up-the Spartan Helical LSD locker.

Spartan Helical LSD

Yukon Gear 101 | Off Road Warehouse

For a noticeable traction boost combined with mild street manners, the Spartan Helical LSD is a great option. These LSDs are ideal for budget-minded customers that want more grip off-road without sacrificing street comfort.

Yukon constructs its helical LSDs with forged 8620 alloy for superior durability. 8620 is used in both the steel case and the internals, giving inside and outside structural integrity that’s hard to break.

You can get the Spartan Helical LSD for Dana 30 differentials, which you’ll find in Jeeps including the JK and JL. You can also install the Spartan Helical LSD on models like the Ram 3500 and Power Wagon, Chevrolet Silverado and Colorado, and more.

Grizzly Locker

Yukon Gear 101 | Off Road Warehouse

Grizzly Lockers are Yukon’s entry into the clutch-type LSDs. These LSDs use internal clutch packs that clamp together when excessive wheelspin crops up. Though dated and common in the industry, Yukon broke from the mold and offered a patented design that reduces common locker failures.

Similar to the Spartan Helical LSD, the Grizzly Locker touts 8620 steel case and internals for top-shelf strength and reliability. The Grizzly also installs fairly easily. You can get the Grizzly Locker for Ford 9”, Dana 44, Dana 30, and other popular axles.

Chromoly Front Axle Kit

Yukon Gear 101 | Off Road Warehouse

Replacing axle shafts on aging trucks has to be done eventually, and Yukon offers a terrific kit to bolster the truck’s longevity. Enter the chromoly front axle kit.

Chromoly axles improve upon steel in a variety of ways. Weight for weight, chromoly is stronger than steel, and it will definitely put up with the sorts of abuse off-roaders go through. It’s just good sense to replace these axle shafts if and when you have your housing out for service, like say with axle seals or wheel bearings.

Yukon Gear Will Take You There

Yukon Gear 101 | Off Road Warehouse

With these and other great products in the Yukon catalog, you’re sure to find something to improve on your vehicle. We encourage you to take a closer look at Yukon’s offerings here on our website and then give us a call. We’ll guide you through the ordering and installation process and give your vehicle the upgrades it needs.