Energy Suspension 4wd Rack/Pinion Bushing Set (8.10103G)

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4wd Rack/Pinion Bushing Set (8.10103G)
4wd Rack/Pinion Bushing Set Features Made From HYPER-Flex ...
Energy Suspension4.8104wd Rack/Pinion Bushing Set

Energy Suspension

4wd Rack/Pinion Bushing Set (8.10103G)

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4wd Rack/Pinion Bushing Set


  • Made From HYPER-Flex Polyurethane
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    As Advertised
    by Valued Customer on November 14, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    Fit & worked as advertised.

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    Consistently satisfied with these steering stabilizers
    by Valued Customer on April 20, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    These are the 3rd time I purchased them. Each time was for a different 4runner. They work great tightening up the slop in the steering. Can be a pain to install but well worth it as always.

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    Easy installation and high quality bushings
    by Valued Customer on October 16, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    2001 Tacoma- The original horizontal bushing is hard to remove, but one you have them all out, the Energy Suspension Bushings are easy to install. I installed these while replacing my entire front end suspension. This is a quality product.

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    Easy to install bushings for Tacoma truck
    by Valued Customer on April 02, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    Fits 2004 Tacoma Crew Cab Prerunner 2wd. Bushings can be installed without having to remove tires or end links. No special tools required. Use existing bushing hardware and silicone/dielectric grease or bushing grease to press in.

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    Helpful Tips for Installing a Roof Rack
    by Valued Customer on March 06, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    The washer/space hole was too small for the bolt in my 1999 4Runner SR5. I did not have drill bits large enough to widen the hole (slightly larger than my largest 1/2"" drill bit). I used a Dremel with a small ""sand paper drum"" bit (or two) and about 20 minutes to remove enough material for it to fit. There is another YouTube video that mentions this problem too.The plastic pieces could get started in the hole with strong hand force. The larger horizontal (22 mm) needed mild/medium hammer taps to completely seat the plastic. The smaller vertical (19 mm) went in with similar levels of hand force but completely seated with hand force. I used Dawn detergent as a lubricant. ""Timmy the Tool Guy"" on YouTube suggests silicone grease which I didn't have. I don't think petroleum (normal) grease is a good idea because it will absorb into the plastic and soften it.Neither inner sleeve could be installed with hand force. The horizontal was started with a hammer but then that stopped working. I used a C-clamp to press it in the rest of the way. The vertical couldn't be started with a hammer (just awkward vertical hammering where you had nothing to hammer against). I used the big C-clamp to start it and push it all the way in.One trick picked up by from the Timmy the Tool Man video is how to get the vertical bolt to line up when mounting the rack back on the frame. He references the manufacturer (Energy Suspension) saying to start tightening the far left and far right mounts (squeezing it back to position). That worked very well, and I put the vertical bolt back in the hole and waited for it to drop. Perfect time to get nice thread alignment.There's also a trick in the videos about removing bolts for mounts that hold the brake lines to the frame up front. I removed both (12 mm) bolts. One down and under the alternator (between the engine and battery). One almost centered below the engine fan.You can do all of this without listening to Timmy the Tool Man about disconnecting the tie rods (even if it is in the directions). I did it with both tires off the ground (another guide video) but you can almost definitely do it if the if the left tire is turned 50% to the right before you just lift the left tire.

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    Improved steering in '96 4runner - Impressed!
    by Valued Customer on February 11, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    They really tightened up the steering in my '96 4runner. Excellent mod.

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    Positive upgrade for 2001 4runner steering
    by Valued Customer on April 14, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    Worked great on my 2001 4runner. Steering feel is much more direct. Great eazy upgrade

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    Satisfied with the purchase, looking forward to installation
    by Valued Customer on October 03, 2021
    Verified Purchase

    haven't installed them on my 4runner yet but I have many friends running ES poly with no issues. Follow the instructions and watch Timmy the Toolmans video on YouTube if you're doing this at home. Everything arrived as described and promptly. Not excited to install but will be very happy once they're in!

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    Smooth installation for perfect fit on my Tacoma
    by Valued Customer on June 17, 2023
    Verified Purchase

    Fit my 2004 Tacoma 4x4 5spd 2.7 L perfectly. Easy installation also.

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    Steering Improvement with Energy Suspension Bushings
    by Valued Customer on October 06, 2021
    Verified Purchase

    At 228k my steering rack needed new bushings and Energy Suspension was the right choice as polyurethane bushings will not go bad and will last the life of the truck. Steering went from soft to sharp and accurate!!!

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    Application List
    ImageApplicationDetailStockPriceAdd to Cart
     Toyota Tacoma (2001-2004) - Pre Runner2.7 L4 GAS FI 2694ccOut of Stock$30.46BUY
    + -
     Toyota Tacoma (2001-2004) - Pre Runner3.4 V6 GAS FI 3378ccOut of Stock$30.46BUY
    + -
     Toyota Tacoma (2001-2004) - Base2.4 L4 GAS FI 2438cc | 4WDOut of Stock$30.46BUY
    + -
     Toyota Tacoma (2001-2004) - Base2.7 L4 GAS FI 2694cc | 4WDOut of Stock$30.46BUY
    + -
     Toyota Tacoma (2001-2004) - Base3.4 V6 GAS FI 3378cc | 4WDOut of Stock$30.46BUY
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