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Howe Trophy Trucks with 2.75" Power "Truggy" Rack & Pinion

Trophy Trucks with 2.75" Power "Truggy" Rack & Pinion

This power rack is designed for unlimited class racing. Its 2.75" ram with 6" throw make it a better choice than the Saginaw power steering Box. About 80% of Trophy Trucks today run the rack and pinion system.

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Howe Control Valve High Flow Truggy 13/16"-36 
Our Price: $550.00
Howe High Volume 1650 Pump w/o Pulley KR Series Spline Shaft 
Our Price: $1050.00
Howe Trophy Truck Cooler 3" Dia. x 12" 
Our Price: $150.00
Howe 2.75" Truggy Rack Wide Spread 
Our Price: $3000.00
Howe Power Steering Fluid Reservoir - High Volume 4" x 6" Tall with Filter #10-#12 
Our Price: $295.00