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Howe 2.5" Power Rack Wide Spread with High Volume Pump

2.5" Power Rack Wide Spread with High Volume Pump

More and more Class 1 and 10 cars are running the 2.5” Power Rack with High Volume pump and loving it! The high volume pump makes the steering drive good at 20mph or 120mph. Even with the new 1:1 ratio the high volume pump allows the hydraulics to keep up with the mechanics.

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Howe 2.5" Power Rack Wide Spread 
Our Price: $1500.00
Howe Small Cooler 2" Dia. x 7" 
Our Price: $70.00
Howe High Volume 1650 Pump w/o Pulley KR Series Spline Shaft 
Our Price: $1050.00
Howe Control Valve High Flow Truggy 13/16"-36 
Our Price: $550.00
Howe Power Steering Fluid Reservoir - High Volume 4" x 6" Tall with Filter #10-#12 
Our Price: $295.00