Toyota 4Runner Off Road Parts, Performance Mods & Accessories | ORW

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Trim Levels:

  • SR5

  • SR5 Premium

  • TRD Off-Road

  • TRD Off-Road Premium

  • Limited

  • Nightshade Edition (limited availability)

  • TRD Pro

Engine Options:

  • 4.0L V6 engine

    Power: Approximately 270 horsepower

    Torque: Approximately 278 lb-ft

Transmission Options:

  • 5-speed automatic transmission

Drivetrain Options:

  • Rear-wheel drive (2WD) standard on most trims

  • Part-time 4WD system available on most trims

  • Full-time 4WD system available on Limited trim

Seating and Cabin Configurations:

  • Seating for up to 7 passengers with optional third-row seat

Off-Road Features (TRD Off-Road and TRD Pro):

  • Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control

  • Locking rear differential

  • Off-road suspension components

Infotainment and Technology:

  • Toyota Entune infotainment system with touchscreen display (varies by trim)

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility (limited availability on some trims)

  • Available advanced driver assistance features

Other Notable Features:

  • Rugged body-on-frame construction for durability and off-road capability

  • Optional third-row seating

  • Available Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) for improved off-road performance

  • Roof rails for additional cargo options

  • Generous cargo capacity with fold-flat second-row seats and available sliding rear cargo deck

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