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Off-Road Performance Parts & Upgrades

Engine performance is worth considering once the other priorities - suspension, tires, and drivetrain - are all taken care of. Here at Off Road Warehouse, we're well-equipped to get the most out of your vehicle's engine, whether it's exhaust, throttle adjustment, or something else.

Let's talk about electronics for a second. Nowadays, all OEMs make vehicles with electronic suites that limit the engine's capabilities. Typically, they're put in place for longevity and fuel economy, but some of them (auto start/stop, cylinder deactivation, etc.) get in the way of excitement and the driving experience. Companies like Hypertech, Edge Products, Superchips, and others offer products that restore the fun of driving. Throttle sensitivity boosters like the Hypertech React and Edge Products AmpвЂd improve throttle response, which comes in handy for towing or turbocharger-equipped vehicles. Other products, like the Superchips TrailDash 3 or Pulsar inline performance module, enhance engine output while also offering features like tire and gear ratio adjustment for proper speedometer calibration.

Exhaust is another major factor in engine performance. The faster the spent fumes leave the engine, the better efficiency and output it will have. Magnaflow, Gibson, and Banks are some of top players in this category. Each offer headers or exhaust systems that stand up to abuse, while also optimizing exhaust flow. They may even improve the exhaust note, making the noise more aggressive or subdued to match what you're going for. For those in search of less invasive or CARB-legal solutions, cat-back systems from Magnaflow, Gibson, and Rough Country are also available. Some of these cat-back systems even factor in departure angle, improving your off-road driving experience.

As you dive deeper into engine performance, you may come across other products that catch your eye - cold air intake kits, power adders, and more. Feel free to drop by any of our locations and ask us about these items, as well as our installation services!