Off-Roading 101: Ford Bronco

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Off-Roading 101: Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is the latest Ford SUV to hit the market, and it’s made a big splash. It’s been some 25 years since the Bronco nameplate was available in showrooms, and customers across the country made it clear they missed the SUV, buying up over 35,000 of them in 2021. Here at Off Road Warehouse, we’re feeling Bronco fever too!

With tons of Bronco builds now under our belts, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide customers on upgrades that really make these Blue Oval machines perform. Let’s dive right in and talk about suspension.


Back in the ‘90s, Ford’s dedication to I-beam front ends in their trucks and SUVs made them unique among automakers. Times have changed, however, and Ford has changed with them. Case in point is that instead of I-beams, Ford now uses the more commonplace IFS design of upper and lower control arms. Several aftermarket companies have offerings that improve on the factory design, and one of them is ICON Vehicle Dynamics .

For a simple but effective upgrade, customers may choose to swap out the stock shocks and step into a coilover setup. There are four levels to choose from, starting from the 2.5 VS IR coilover kit , all the way to the 2.5 VS RR CDEV coilover kit . As the price increases, so does the capability, resulting in the CDEV kit providing the most remarkable performance features of the bunch.

CDEV, or Compression Damping Electronic Valves, use lightning-fast and precise electronic shock tuning to near-instantly adjust the shocks as the terrain changes. Governed by IIC, or ICON Intelligent Control, the result is a suspension system that continuously makes adjustments to provide drivers the most ideal ride comfort as they conquer any terrain. Drivers can also make manual adjustments if so desired, and these coilovers work with 2-3” lift kits to allow for larger tires, too.

Armor & Protection

Keeping your Bronco protected should be a high priority, and we carry several brands that offer innovative and strong upgrades in this regard. For example, ARB .

ARB has always prided itself in manufacturing strong and reliable products that bolster a vehicle’s capabilities, and its bumpers are no different. Two ARB bumpers are currently available for Broncos-the Zenith and Summit -and both have great features to beef up these SUVs.

The Zenith bumper comes as a full-width design that features an integrated LED light bar, as well as two jacking/recovery points. It also accommodates adaptive cruise control and parking sensors. Meanwhile, the Summit bumper features wraparound protection for headlights and compatibility with winches rated up to 10,000 pounds.

Both bumpers also retain great entry angles, perfect for the Bronco’s built-in rock-crawling capabilities. They also feature Integrit black powder coating to protect them for the long road ahead.

Wheels & Tires

To round out our look at Bronco upgrades, let’s explore options to give your Bronco more capability when it comes to footwear. We’ll start with wheels and in particular, Method Race Wheels .

Method’s name in the wheel business commands respect. From race-winning trophy trucks to hardcore overlanding enthusiasts, Method wheels carry the torch of strength and style to new heights.

One of Method’s latest innovations has been BeadGrip technology, baked into the 700 Series . BeadGrip’s main feature is the addition of ridges along the bead which grab the tire and keep it from debeading, perfect for situations when airing down to explore rocks and steep trails that demand greater traction.

To pair with your new BeadGrips, we highly recommend BF Goodrich . The trusty KO2 all-terrain is a top choice for most enthusiasts, affording good on-road comfort while retaining great off-road grip. Alternatively, the KM3 mud-terrain works well on setups that spend the majority of time off-road. The KM3 offers top-notch traction for the toughest trails and obstacles.

Beef Up Your Bronco Today!

We’ve gone over some great Bronco upgrades to get you started, but you’ll find even more online and at our stores! Stop by any of our locations today and ask our knowledgeable staff about package deals and installation specials for your Bronco.