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On The Way To #1: The ORW Story

JUNE 29, 2021

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Here at ORW, the journey is far longer, and it’s one we’re excited to drive toward. From humble beginnings in 1973 to extensive growth and development in 2021, Off Road Warehouse is poised to become the top name in off-road retail across the United States.

The core of Off Road Warehouse is what separates it from other shops or e-commerce sites. It starts with CEO and president Greg Adler, himself a brilliant and fearless businessman in the off-road space.

“Off Road Warehouse is a great platform to build upon and grow,” he said. “We will do what we know how to do and so, like any business, we want to make it profitable and expand, but also keep it manageable and, hopefully, keep it fun as we go.”

Since his arrival in 2019, Greg has brought in new business and developed improvements to the stores, while retaining ORW’s identity as a destination for off-road enthusiasts. “ORW started as a place to help racers get parts for their Baja Bugs,” explained Greg. “Over time, it became the place to go for all off-road needs. I aim to stay true to that direction and take ORW in exciting places.”

To that end, ORW has been growing. Already in 2021, two new stores have opened up-Corona, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada-and two more are in the works in Mesa, Arizona, and Marietta, Georgia. The growth has been both exciting and stressful, as Greg pointed out.

“Opening these new stores has been a bit challenging at times,” said Greg. “Myself and my vice president, Sam Cervantes, are doing more from the ground level than we did in the past. We are dealing with cities, contractors, permitting, equipment, displays, everything from A to Z. And we are thrilled to have a great support team helping us along the way. That said, it’s a great feeling when the doors open and we see packed crowds waiting to get in and check everything out!”

With these upcoming branches in new states, Greg is keenly aware of the challenges that will come with embarking into new territory. “As we move out of southern California, where the ORW name is well-known, we’ll have work to do in educating customers on who we are, but that is part of the fun!” Greg commented. “We’ll have our work cut out for us, but we hire the best people with true passion for off-roading. I have no doubt that our new customers in Georgia and Arizona will recognize that.”

These new stores represent one side of the ORW coin, helping out regular folks with their Jeep, truck, SUV, and UTV. But an important aspect in ORW’s business is supporting racers, just as it did in the beginning. Part and parcel of that is partnering with racing icons Alan Ampudia and Brian Deegan.

“Off Road Warehouse started with racing and has a huge legacy there that we intend to continue,” said Greg. “We sell parts that racers and chasers need, from heim joints to fittings to safety gear. Partnering with Alan and Brian is a great way to get the ORW brand out there.”

“I have raced against the Ampudias for over 30 years, starting in my early days with Rodrigo Sr. in 1600 buggies, and later on, his son, Rodrigo Jr., in Pro 2,” Greg continued. “They are a wonderful family local to San Diego and Baja. Deegan is a racer at heart who built a media empire and has become a good friend along the way. I admire him as an entrepreneur, racer, and family man. Partnering with these guys just feels right.”

These developments shine a bright light ahead for ORW. The company is charting a course to become the best in the industry, and will give enthusiasts and newcomers alike a home away from home. Come find out more about ORW today and learn what we’re all about-ready and available parts, professional installation, and racing support.