Saving Money On Fuel With ORW

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Saving Money On Fuel With ORW

Gas prices have never been higher, and everyone is looking for ways to save money on fuel. You may think that just because you own a truck, Jeep, or other vehicle that you’re out of luck, but Off Road Warehouse is here to help! We offer great services and parts to reduce your pain at the gas pump.

1. Regear your vehicle

As you tack on more and more modifications-larger tires, wheels, bumpers, roof racks, and so on-the weight of the vehicle increases. Moving that much mass puts greater stress on the drivetrain, and nowhere is that more evident than the ring and pinion.

Regearing the rearend is a great way to restore lost torque and efficiency. As an example, many vehicles come factory with a 3.73:1 gear ratio. When regearing, that ratio will change to a “higher” ratio like 4.88:1 or greater. While this does reduce the top end of your vehicle’s peak performance, the most useful parts of the power band-the lower and middle-are reinvigorated. In addition to better fuel efficiency, you may also notice greater acceleration thanks to the restored torque, as well as better crawling ability in rocky terrain.

Right now, we offer Yukon Gear & Axle kits as our top choice for regearing the ring and pinion. Yukon sets the industry standard for in-house quality, using top-notch manufacturing and testing processes, as well as tough, durable materials. What’s more, you can save up to $200 in labor right now with these and other Yukon parts!

2. Programming & Intake

Though engine tuning takes a backseat in a lot of off-roaders’ minds, it does play a significant part in your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Nowadays, the process has fortunately become more or less automated thanks to aftermarket programmers.

With just a few button presses, engine tuning is accessible and easy for just about anyone. Several programmers on the market include settings that optimize fuel efficiency. Brands like Edge Products , Banks Power, and others put the power of tuning right at your fingertips. Their devices are easy to set up and start using right out of the box!

Another area to inspect is your intake. Dirty air filters or sticky throttle body valves could be choking your engine. With new filters and the throttle body cleaned up, your engine will have better spark and hence, better fuel efficiency!

3. Shop Services

Every Off Road Warehouse location comes equipped with an automotive shop and knowledgeable technicians eager to help your vehicle perform at its best. If you’ve skipped a service interval (or two), or aren’t sure if the vehicle is running right, make sure to stop by!

Our technicians perform a free suspension inspection on every vehicle that comes in. Sometimes, these inspections uncover deep-seated issues that impact its fuel mileage. Such examples include wheels out of alignment, excessive tire wear, low tire pressure, and more!

Come By Today

In these trying times, it’s good to know that Off Road Warehouse has your back. With these tips and services, you’re setting your vehicle up for success, both out on the trail and on the way home. So make a point to come by today and save some money in the long run with a more trustworthy, more fuel-efficient vehicle!