ARB 4x4 Accessories 73 Quart Zero Dual Zone Fridge Freezer (10802692)

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73 Quart Zero Dual Zone Fridge Freezer (10802692)
ARB 73 Quart Zero Dual Zone Fridge Freezer Features Convenient USB Five-Volt 3000Ma Outlet For Charging Devices Dual DC Power Inlet At Ends For Customized Installations Dual Independently Controlled Cooling Zones Front AC Power Inlet For Quick Home Or Powered Site Connection Highly-Efficient/Variable-Speed Compressor Low Power Draw LED Interior ...
ARB 4x4 Accessories4.56Portable Fridge/Freezer Universal

ARB 4x4 Accessories

73 Quart Zero Dual Zone Fridge Freezer (10802692)


Item #: 10802692

Mfg Part #: 10802692

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Item Specifications
Country of Origin
73Qt; 87-108 12oz cans
-7.6?F to 50?F
Current Draw
Powdercoated Steel
12/24V DC; 100-240V AC; Integrated Battery Protection
Dimensions (L/W/H)
33 / 21 / 25
82 lbs
ARB 4x4 Accessories
Item #
Mfg Part #
Bags, Coolers & Fridges

ARB 73 Quart Zero Dual Zone Fridge Freezer


  • Convenient USB Five-Volt 3000Ma Outlet For Charging Devices
  • Dual DC Power Inlet At Ends For Customized Installations
  • Dual Independently Controlled Cooling Zones
  • Front AC Power Inlet For Quick Home Or Powered Site Connection
  • Highly-Efficient/Variable-Speed Compressor
  • Low Power Draw LED Interior Light
  • Recessed Carry Handles With Integrated Tie-Down Points
  • Reversible Quick-Release Lid w/Non-Slip Glass/Bottle Provision
  • Tough Durable Steel Outer Casing
  • Versatile Removable Internal Basket System w/Provision
  • Wireless Monitoring And Control Via Bluetooth-Enabled Devices
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    Top Reviews
    Disappointed with the durability, but still recommended
    by Valued Customer on January 21, 2023
    Verified Purchase

    Great Fridge. I would purchase again. Fridge quit cooling after 2yrs & 4 months. I'm disappointed it didn't last longer. Not sure what problem is. Just started looking into it. I don't think it's under warranty.I'll update when repaired. I have run this fridge freezer everyday since purchased. Use as 2nd freezer in garage when not using in my 2019 Ford Expedition... Going to reach out to ARB for some insight on what problem could be.... Buy on if you can!!!

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    Great fridge, but lid support issue
    by Valued Customer on September 02, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    It is a great fridge that sips power and fits nicely in the back of my Jeep. However, it needs a lid support. It is great out of the vehicle - the lid is easier to prop open. In the vehicle the lid is difficult to prop open without getting whacked in the head. When it smacked me yesterday I was ready to drive over it.

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    Extremely satisfied with this purchase!
    by Valued Customer on May 06, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    My 73 quart has been running 2 zones for 2 years straight now. A mixture of 12v and 120v has been used. The app works well. Fit and finish is excellent. The best part is how quiet it is!

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    Satisfied with the size and versatility
    by Valued Customer on October 24, 2021
    Verified Purchase

    No dislikes! Perfect size for weekly groceries. Large enough for a weekend camping trip.

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    A Must-Have for Adventurous Individuals
    by Valued Customer on October 23, 2022
    Verified Purchase

    This Freezer/Fridge combo is spectacular and a must for any adventurous person. The freezer keeps all of your items frozen. There is plenty of room inside the freezer and fridge compartments. The baskets make it great for storing and sorting items.

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    Expensive and bulky, but overall satisfied
    by Valued Customer on October 17, 2021
    Verified Purchase

    We bought the ARB chest-type fridge / freezer for use in our camper van. The ARB line came with a better reputation and a higher price tag than the Dometic. It arrived with a cracked piece of corner plastic. I expect this was done in assembly with an over-tightened screw. I have not contacted either the vendor or manufacture, but reading on the reviews, this seems fairly common and a hassle to try to get replaced.The Bluetooth link for the phone is a great plus. You have to scan a sticker to download and install the app, which allows you to setup and monitor the temperature inside the unit. It was up and running in just a few minutes after taking it out of the box.I tested the temperature with a remote temp sensor and the temperature of the bottom of the fridge and freezer were very close to the indicated temperatures on the fridge display. I set the temp to about 25F and checked to see how long it took to freeze a water bottle in the freezer section. It took more than over-night, so I set the temp to 15F and added another bottle. IT still took much longer than I expected. There is no air moving around in the compartments, so there is lower heat transfer from the botton of the freezer to your food than you get with a household freezer. This means it does take a good bit longer for items to freeze solid. If you put solid-frozen items in the freezer, you can expect them to stay frozen, but taking fresh ground beef or water in a bottle will take a long time to reach solid frozen temperatures. The fridge side works great and keeps salads, drinks, and other fresh foods fresh and cold.This unit is big! It takes up a lot of room in a van and you should account for this. We would probably have chosen a smaller solution if we had the ability to put it in the van before actualizing purchasing it. We'll have to make do, since we've already born the price. ARB does provide a metal slide that might help, but it costs more than $470!!... and requires another $36 in straps to make it work!!! If you purchase the slide and strap, you are now into this for more than $2000 for a very small fridge/freezer!!!! That's about twice the cost of a good 25 cuft side-by-side from Lowes!!!!! The slide moves along the wrong axis (long axis rather than short axis) for our use, so would be worthless for our setup. Any way you look at it, it's expensive in money and space to keep food cool in a van.A word about efficiency. The documentation says it draws about 3 Amps with the compressor running, which should be about 36w at 12v, but my battery monitor shows about 47w, or about 4 amps with the compressor running, and it runs quit a bit of the time to keep the frozen stuff frozen. So, a 100ah battery would be depleted after 24 actual hours of compressor running time. Obviously, the hotter it is in the surrounding air, the more the compressor will have to run and the shorter the battery life.On the plus side, it's dual powered, meaning it can use either 12V DC or 110v AC power. So if you have it inside your home, it can use your house power or on the road it can use your 12v battery. In an RV it can use either, so it works driving down the road on 12v and back to 110 when you plug into shore power... all without doing anything.So far, we are happy, with the exception of the size and still feeling the sting of the price, but neither of these are the fault of ARB.

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