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MAXTRAX XTREME - THE WORLD'S BEST 4WD RECOVERY TRACKS JUST GOT BETTER! Multi-award-winning  MAXTRAX XTREME  is the most advanced 4WD recovery track ever created, featuring 88 replaceable hard-anodised alloy teeth moulded into a heavy-duty, super-tough, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon recovery track.  MAXTRAX XTREME  is ...




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Dimensions (L/W/H)
46 / 14 / 5
20 lbs
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  • Multi-award-winning MAXTRAX XTREME is the most advanced 4WD recovery track ever created, featuring 88 replaceable hard-anodised alloy teeth moulded into a heavy-duty, super-tough, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon recovery track. MAXTRAX XTREME is designed and manufactured for professional use based on direct feedback from some of the world's most elite military units, off-road racing champions, certified 4WD driver trainers and globe-trotting expedition leaders as a mission-critical recovery track for a wide range of scenarios where time is of the essence and aggressive driving and excessive wheel spin is often unavoidable, including active combat situations, timed motorsport competitions and remote area expeditions.
  • MAXTRAX XTREME is manufactured in Australia using our secret recipe; a heavy-duty, super-tough, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon; the same amazing material that weve made MAXTRAX MKII from for almost a decade. The manufacturing process involves a custom jig attached to a robot arm inserting the 88 alloy teeth in the correct orientation into special sockets in the injection mould, then over-moulding them into the body of the track, ensuring that the Nylon material conforms closely to the thread of each tooth for a super-secure fit, virtually eliminating the risk of a tooth unwinding from the body of the track. All 88 alloy teeth are hard-anodised to protect against corrosion in harsh, saltwater or muddy environments.
  • As the alloy is significantly harder and more durable than the rubber compound found in tyres and also more resistant to wear from a spinning tyre than any polymer available today, you can expect faster, more secure engagement with the tyre's tread pattern, which not only makes MAXTRAX XTREME the most-durable recovery track on the market, but also the fastest.
  • MAXTRAX XTREME is also easily repairable in the field. If a tooth gets damaged, simply flip the board over and use a T-50 Torx bit to remove and replace the damaged tooth. MAXTRAX XTREME uses a proprietary and patent-pending thread & bliplock system to ensure secure physical engagement of a new tooth with its recess after replacement. Replacement teeth and a custom T-head tool which also works with our mounting pins will soon be available on our website.
  • MAXTRAX XTREME will nest with MAXTRAX MKII recovery tracks, (although there is a slightly larger space between the tracks due to the design of the underside of the MAXTRAX XTREME).
  • Mounting pins designed exclusively for the MAXTRAX XTREME are available, including a hybrid mounting pin designed for those adding a set of MAXTRAX XTREME to the top of their current MKII recovery tracks.
  • MAXTRAX XTREME is also compatible with MAXTRAX mini and our fixing and linking kit to create a portable roadway.
  • Australian designed, engineered and manufactured
  • 88 replaceable anodised alloy teeth; designed for XTREME users
  • Safe and easy recovery from sand, mud, snow and slush
  • Made from super-tough engineering-grade reinforced Nylon
  • Compatible with MAXTRAX MKII and MAXTRAX mini
  • Proven, patent-pending, multi-award-winning design
  • Weight: 9kg/20lbs per pair
  • Six glove-friendly handles
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A variety of mounting and carrying options are available

Color: Our Trademark Signature Orange Please note: Actual Color may vary slightly from images shown.

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Top Reviews
Impressed with the performance and quality
by Valued Customer on January 19, 2023
Verified Purchase

I got the Xtreme model for trips to the snowy mountains because the metal knobs grip the tires better in freezing temperatures, especially if I'm going to help someone who does not have off-road tires. Initially I was going back and forth between the MkII and Xtreme, and once I received it I was very happy with my choice. This is widely acknowledged as the best recovery board on the market and I can see why.I also recommend the MaxTrax carry case if you're storing this inside the car. While it's an expensive case, it is 100% worth it, there is a night and day difference between this high quality case and the cases that are provided with cheap boards.

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Great quality and excellent customer service
by Valued Customer on May 05, 2022
Verified Purchase

I've had cheaper versions for a couple of years which got badly chewed up. These are much higher quality, solid studs and really makes the vehicle pop up out of snow or mud. They are sturdy and way heavier than cheap knock offs as well. I also sometimes park on them to level the vehicle for RTT camping and no issues. They are not warping etc.Mine arrived without the leash / straps to help you find/pull them out of the ground; I messaged the seller and the sent some in the mail straight away. Good service.

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Great performance, but expensive to import
by Valued Customer on July 27, 2021
Verified Purchase

Regular Mk2 maxtrax are good but wear quickly with tire spin. These did 3 recoveries today with no wear. Slight tire spin and only discoloration. These made a great product better. Only down side is the rediculous cost for importation from Australia.

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